Barbara Resch
Supervisory Board

Personal details

  • Born 1975
  • Regional Head of IG Metall metalworkers’ trade union in Baden-Württemberg


  • Trained as a communications electronics technician
  • Continuing professional development in employment and welfare law
  • Degree in management (distance learning)

Professional career

Barbara Resch began her career as an apprentice communications electronics technician at Agfa in 1991. After successfully completing her apprenticeship, she remained with the company until 2000, working as a laser printing specialist. Ms. Resch has held various responsibilities for IG Metall since 2001. Following roles as trade union secretary for IG Metall in Weilheim (2001 to 2010) and IG Metall in Schweinfurt (2010 to 2014), she was appointed second authorized officer for IG Metall in Schweinfurt in August 2014. She assumed responsibility for coordinating collective bargaining for IG Metall in Bavaria in May 2016, going on to become Wage Affairs Secretary for IG Metall in Baden-Württemberg in November 2018.

Member of the Supervisory Board of ElringKlinger AG

  • Since: 07.07.2020
  • Appointed until: end of the Annual General Meeting 2025
  • Employee Representative

Other governance roles

  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Schaeffler AG, Herzogenaurach
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Rheinmetall AG, Düsseldorf​