SHAPE30 – The strategic direction of the ElringKlinger Group

The issues driving the world are the issues driving ElringKlinger: innovative technologies mean progress – in the field of mobility, in the energy industry, and in many other sectors. At the same time, progress has to be sustainable in all dimensions, as it is our duty to ensure that generations to come can look forward to a viable future.

Markets are changing, while regulatory requirements are becoming more extensive. Demand for sustainable products is growing – in the field of mobility the focus is on alternative drive technologies, in the energy industry the emphasis is on alternative sources of power such as hydrogen, and in other sectors the trend is toward sustainable applications. As a Group, ElringKlinger was quick off the mark when it came to charting the right course for the future, and, looking ahead, it is our ambition to steadily evolve in line with our core competencies.

SHAPE30 is our answer to the challenges of the present and the future. We want to help shape the future of mobility and state-of-the-art technologies, in addition to leveraging the opportunities presented by the transformation of the automotive industry and other sectors as well as by the energy transition.

The "30" in SHAPE30 stands for the year 2030, by which time we aim to have reached a number of key milestones on our path to transformation. These include net carbon neutrality (Scope 1 and 2) within the global ElringKlinger Group, a revenue proportion of more than 50 per cent in product areas beyond the combustion engine, and the ambition to generate consolidated revenue of EUR 3 billion.

At the heart of SHAPE30 is our corporate purpose, which describes the identity and mindset of ElringKlinger. The vision embodies our aspirations for the company, outlining the direction in which we wish to develop. Our mission – together with the success factors described therein – outlines the way in which we will turn our vision into reality.

"We will continue to shape the ElringKlinger Group in all dimensions, the aim being to help define the future of mobility and to establish ourselves as the preferred partner for the development of innovative technologies."

Thomas Jessulat, CEO


Pioneering innovative technologies for a sustainable future.

We are committed to applying our passion for technology and innovation in a focused manner – for a sustainable future.

Freedom and mobility are closely connected. We are of the firm belief that both can only be achieved in a world of harmony between humankind and nature. Therefore, sustainability forms an integral part of our Group strategy.

We take responsibility for the global community and toward our Group's internal and external stakeholders. This includes employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, and society as a whole. Social responsibility has always been a focus at ElringKlinger and is practiced through the charitable trust set up by the company's founding family.


The preferred partner in driving innovative technologies.

Our vision for the future is clearly defined: we want to advance innovative technologies and be the preferred partner to our customers, an attractive employer to our workforce, and a valued partner to all other stakeholders.

The basis for this is ElringKlinger's exceptional technological expertise, our innovative products, sustainable manufacturing, and highly qualified, dedicated employees.

We develop best-in-class solutions for our customers and increase ElringKlinger's enterprise value over the long term by building on our commercial success.


Shaping the future of ElringKlinger on the basis of five success factors.

In order to implement our vision, we have drawn up a clearly defined framework for action with which we will shape the future of ElringKlinger and achieve corporate success.

We have identified five success factors for our transformation:

#1 Product Transformation

  • The process of transforming and evolving our product portfolio is already in full swing; we were quick to embrace the various megatrends and prepare for the far-reaching changes they would involve.
  • When developing innovative products, the focus is on delivering added value for our customers.
  • We are committed to expanding our customer base across all sectors – both for existing products and for new projects.
  • To this end, we have drawn up an all-embracing strategic approach in which the tactical elements relating to product groups, markets, and plants are intertwined.
  • Our target for 2030 is to generate more than 50% of our revenue in product areas beyond the combustion engine. This relates not only to the automotive industry but also to revenue in other sectors.

#2 Sustainability

  • Our ambition is to ensure that the manner in which we think and act throughout the Group is centered on sustainability.
  • Products and manufacturing must be sustainable along the entire value chain.
  • While pursuing corporate growth and commercial success, we are committed to respecting ecological, ethical, and social aspects.
  • Sustainability underpins our competitiveness. Transparent, reliable, and verifiable data collection is an essential prerequisite for the best possible ratings.
  • One of our targets for 2030 is to achieve carbon neutrality (Scope 1 and 2) at a global level within the ElringKlinger Group.

#3 Performance & Process Excellence

  • Our processes and performance are designed to be stable, reliable, and transparent. In this context, we embrace the idea of holistic thinking, which includes going beyond departmental or divisional boundaries (end-to-end approach).

  • In documenting processes and defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), we make our services measurable and plannable. Progress, maturity, and success are assessed with the help of these metrics.
  • Optimized processes are the basis for best-in-class performance. Overall, we are committed to strengthening our capabilities with regard to innovation and competitiveness and boosting productivity in an effort to create significant added value for our customers.

#4 Digital Transformation

  • Digitalization allows us to establish effective processes, which also includes the aspect of time and resource efficiency. We are working continuously on further accelerating our digital transformation.

  • Digital platforms are being rolled out and refined to ensure that ElringKlinger's process and system landscape always meets leading market standards.

  • Real-time and user-centered information provides the basis for controlling processes even more effectively and responding to market changes even faster.

  • Our employees at all levels are to be empowered to use digital tools efficiently.

#5 Corporate Culture

  • We are looking to evolve towards a market-oriented corporate culture with a focus on innovation, teamwork, and performance.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking, individual commitment, and introspection are also considered important cornerstones.

  • A modern corporate culture that is receptive to change and at the same time target- and values-driven forms the basis for the further transformation of ElringKlinger.

  • Our actions are aligned with our corporate values: trust and reliability, passion and team spirit, integrity, sustainability, innovation, and a focus on the fundamentals.

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