ElringKlinger honors its two best suppliers

Dettingen/Erms, September 21, 2021 +++ ElringKlinger AG has honored its two best suppliers of the past year. In the "Raw Materials" category, the Spanish company Unica made a convincing showing. The French-based company Pirped International won the award for best supplier in the "Components" category. The award ceremony took place at the Group's headquarters in Dettingen/Erms.

Unica is a Navarra-based company involved in the development of rubber compounds dating back to 1958. A business relationship with ElringKlinger has existed since 2010, during which time a total of around EUR 14.3 million in sales has been generated and 2,400 tons of material supplied. "Unica was able to impress in 2020 with an incredible rating of 99.5 percent. Orders were processed quickly and always delivered on time. Throughout 2020, there was not a single complaint on our part, as Unica always worked in a solution-oriented and cooperative manner. An exemplary performance," says Bernd Weckenmann, Vice President Purchasing, describing the business relationship.

Pirped International, based in Chatou, France, supplied ElringKlinger with a total of 14.8 million screw bushings in 2020, which are used in cylinder head covers, for example. "Pirped International achieved a very good result and met our requirements by more than 90 percent. The company impressed us above all with its reliable delivery reliability and the very good quality of its products," emphasizes Weckenmann. To achieve an even better result, Pirped International currently lacks the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, which sets out globally recognized requirements for an environmental management system.

ElringKlinger has long honored its best suppliers. The decisive factor for nomination is the assessment of various company departments such as purchasing, scheduling, logistics, quality management and materials planning. In total, the company is supplied by over 1,000 companies. There is also the possibility to be awarded several times as best supplier.