ElringKlinger supplies prototypes of battery system for high-end sports car

  • ElringKlinger secures contract to develop and supply battery system prototypes for Piëch Engineering AG
  • Project to commence as early as end of 2021
  • Initial volume in the mid-single-digit million euro range


Dettingen/Erms (Germany), December 16, 2021 +++ ElringKlinger AG has been awarded a contract by Piëch Engineering AG in the field of battery technology. As part of this contract, ElringKlinger will develop and supply prototypes of a battery system for an all-electric sports car engineered by the Swiss-German manufacturer. In addition to the battery modules, the battery units also include the battery management system. Including development, supply, and testing, the project will initially cover a volume in the mid-single-digit million euro range and is scheduled to begin as early as the end of 2021.

"The contract illustrates that ElringKlinger's innovatory and performance capabilities in the field of battery technology have become a compelling proposition. After all, Piëch places the highest demands on the fully electric drive of its vehicles, which we are able to meet with our battery solutions," says Theo Becker, Chief Technology Officer at ElringKlinger AG. "The first stages of the project are now already being implemented. Our Center of Excellence in Neuffen provides the best possible prerequisites for the project."

The Piëch battery concept is based on a pack with over 400 pouch cells, which, in combination with the control unit, forms the core element of the system. One of the technical highlights of this concept is the ability to switch the voltage from 800 V to 400 V. Thus, charging can be performed on the basis of 800 V technology, while driving operations are based on a voltage of 400 V. In addition, the innovative battery technology enables a range of 500 km at a capacity of more than 70 kWh and achieves high charging rates by reaching 80% battery capacity in under five minutes.

Piëch Automotive is a Swiss sports car manufacturer with a development center in Memmingen, Germany. Piëch's engineers rely on a flexible, modular concept for the vehicle architecture as a basis for further variants. The Piëch GT2 is scheduled to be launched in 2024 as the first vehicle in a product family of three models.

ElringKlinger has been developing and producing components for lithium-ion batteries for various hybrid- and battery-electric vehicle models for a period spanning more than ten years. The company's expertise in development and series production in the field of battery technology covers battery systems and battery modules as well as components for batteries, such as cell contact systems, module connectors, cell covers, sealing systems, and pressure equalization systems.