Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann visits ElringKlinger

  • Tour of the competence center for battery technology in Neuffen
  • Intensive exchange with ElringKlinger CEO Thomas Jessulat on the transformation of the automotive and supplier industry
  • Symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for new logistics center at the Neuffen plant


Dettingen/Erms (Germany), April 24, 2024 +++ The Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, visited ElringKlinger's Dettingen/Erms and Neuffen plants today, where he personally discussed the transformation of the automotive and supplier industry with ElringKlinger CEO Thomas Jessulat. During a tour of the Neuffen plant, he experienced the production of battery components. He then performed a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for the new logistics center.

During the discussion, ElringKlinger CEO Thomas Jessulat explained, among other things, the company's strategy, which - like the entire automotive and supplier industry - is in the midst of a far-reaching transformation.

In this regard, the CEO stated: "ElringKlinger is in a good position. Our traditional divi-sions form a stable backbone and enable us to make the necessary investments in future technologies. At the same time, we are an established partner in the field of battery technology, as demonstrated by various large-scale orders for battery components. It will now be important to press ahead quickly with the development of the necessary infrastructure for both battery and fuel cell technology as an important prerequisite for the success of future mobility. We are delighted that Minister-President Kretschmann has informed himself in detail about ElringKlinger. By expanding our Neuffen site, we are making a clear commitment to Germany and Baden-Württemberg."

Production of battery components has been ramping up in Neuffen since last year. During a tour of the plant, the Minister-President experienced the production of cell contacting systems for a global battery manufacturer. Series production of cell contacting systems for the BMW Group's NEW CLASS will start in 2025.

Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann emphasized: "ElringKlinger is a company that shows initiative - an important partner for the state and for Europe. It is at the forefront of two mammoth EU projects, including with its battery technology, for which construction is now underway in Neuffen. 
The aim of the Future Technologies Competence Center is to become even better, more sustainable, more durable and more cost-effective. I am very pleased about the strong commitment to the location and to electromobility. Good luck with the construction project and continued success for ElringKlinger!"

Symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for new logistics center
Following the tour, the Minister-President, together with the ElringKlinger Management Board and other project participants, performed the symbolic ground-breaking cere-mony for the construction of the new logistics center at the Neuffen site. ElringKlinger is expanding its current production area by around 4,500 square meters. With this expansion, ElringKlinger is increasing its capacity in Neuffen for the strategic future field of battery technology and making the site fit for further large-scale production of battery components, modules and systems. In addition to ElringKlinger, the landlord and owner, the Leuze Group based in Owen, is investing up to EUR 10 million in the building extension.