Electric mobility

Battery components

With our battery components, we are ideally placed for alternative drive technologies. The major advantage for our customers: ElringKlinger offers development and prototype construction to testing and series production from a single source. We have been a series supplier in battery technology for more than 10 years.

Cell contact systems

  • Specifically coordinated
  • Mounted directly on the cell unit in various expansion stages and welded
  • Plastic carrier frame holds cell connectors, ensuring that they can be installed in all tolerance positions
  • Integrated voltage and temperature sensors
  • Monitoring electronics (CSC) can also be integrated
  • Automotive plug systems or screw connectors

Cell housings and covers

  • Cylindrical, prismatic, pouch
  • Exceptionally reliable even in large volumes
  • Reduced number of components and complexity
  • Reduced use of materials
  • Lower CO2 footprint by up to 40 percent

Pressure equalizing units

  • Compensates for pressure differences in the storage housing (e.g. when driving up and down mountains, with temperature differences, for air transport in aircraft cargo holds without pressure equalization)

  • With integrated safety function for critical excess pressure

Plastic battery housing and modules

  • Weight and cost reduction
  • Reduced installation work
  • Integrated functions, reduced number of components
  • Optimized NVH properties
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent electrical insulation

ElroForm™ metallic assemblies/formed parts

  • e.g. battery housing, module housing
  • Carrier layer provides structural strength and rigidity
  • Weight and cost reduction
  • Functions can be integrated
  • Optimized NVH properties

ElroForm™ and ElroShield™ EV metallic battery covers

  • e.g. for module separators
  • One or more parts
  • Functions can be integrated
  • For high requirements for crash safety, thermal conditions (up to 1,100°C), particle coating and acoustics

Thermal propagation measures (covers)

  • ElroSafe™ (lightweight, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material)
  • ElroShield™ EV (metallic, multi-layer)
  • Optimum protection against burn through and particle coating
  • Controlled gas feed during thermal propagation events

Elastomer/metal elastomer sealing systems

  • e.g. for large flanges (battery housing)
  • For components subject to high loads
  • Adaptable to any geometries
  • Fast installation, low space requirements
  • Totally safe, even with low sealing pressures
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • Double lip system possible
  • Elastomer materials developed in-house by ElringKlinger

MetaloSeal™ metal bead gaskets

  • Functional coatings, e.g. conductive coating for EMC shielding
  • Installed in direct line of force
  • Positioning plates and retaining clips for quick and reliable installation, vertical and upside down
  • High media, temperature and pressure resistance

TopSeal™ deep-drawn covers

  • e.g. battery module cover
  • Topographic support of the integrated seal using embossed stoppers
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • With functional integration, e.g. screws, ventilation elements
  • Best possible screening against electromagnetic radiation

Made of high-performance plastics

  • e.g. insulation elements, cell cover and PTFE membrane for pressure equalization elements

  • Chemical resistance to aggressive media
  • Very reliable at high temperatures
  • Reliable ventilation with customized designs
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We have been involved with alternative drive concepts for more than 20 years and were able to position ourselves as a specialist in electromobility at an early stage.

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