Electric mobility

Components for electric drive units (EDUs)

A wide range of ElringKlinger components relating to e-motors, transmissions and inverters can be used in an electric drive unit. The design and materials of all our product solutions are tailored precisely to the relevant requirements – for maximum design freedom and functional reliability.

MetaloBond™ rotor/stator laminated stacks

  • Full bonding of the layers ensures optimum sealing function in order to implement directly cooled electric machine concepts
  • Improved strength and NVH performance
  • Thin sheets possible for even more efficient electric machine operation
  • In-house development of adhesive enables maximum flexibility in material selection
  • Less pressing strokes required to achieve the stack height due to innovative manufacturing processes

Balancing discs

  • Punched/formed part with weight and cost-optimized design
  • High precision production process ensures tight tolerances and eliminates secondary processes
  • Maximum flexibility with regard to material selection
  • Material thicknesses up to 10 mm possible

Planetary carriers

  • New method: Planetary gears integrated into shaped sheet metal part
  • Weight and cost savings
  • High torques and speeds
  • Longer service life of the gear wheels

Disc carriers

  • High strength for transmission of higher torques
  • Maximum precision and functional reliability
  • Weight savings of up to 50 percent compared to standard commercially available solutions

Differential housing

  • Formed sheet metal design
  • Significant weight reduction in applications with high torque

Engine and unit mounts

  • Made of glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastics
  • Multifunctional
  • Weight and cost reduction
  • Improved NVH characteristics
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • High process stability and repeatability

Plastic modules

  • e.g. inverter housing, resolver cover, media distributor modules
  • With integrated EMC shielding
  • Weight and cost reduction
  • Functions can be integrated
  • Optimized NVH properties
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High process stability and repeatability

ElroForm™ metallic housing covers/covers

  • e.g. for inverters, HV shielding and charging unit
  • Ideally suited for replacing die-cast partsIdeally suited for replacing die-cast parts
  • One or more parts
  • Functions can be integrated
  • For high crash safety requirements

Elastomer/metal elastomer sealing systems

  • e.g. inverter seals, stator housing seals, transmission housing seals
  • For components subject to high loads
  • Electrical conductivity for EMC requirements
  • Elastomer materials developed in-house by ElringKlinger
  • Reliable sealing even with low sealing pressures
  • Sealing of T-joints
  • Equalization of high component tolerances
  • Three-dimensional shaping
  • Reduction of screw force and number of screws

MetaloSeal™ metal bead gaskets

  • e.g. stator housing seals, transmission housing seals, inverter seals
  • Thanks to numerous combination options for metals and elastomers, can be adapted precisely to the relevant requirements
  • Functional coatings, e.g. conductive coating for EMC shielding
  • Installed in direct line of force
  • Positioning plates and retaining clips for quick and reliable installation, vertical and upside down
  • High media, temperature and pressure resistance

TopSeal™ deep-drawn covers

  • e.g. inverter cover, service cover, cover of electrical components and connection covers
  • Topographic support of the integrated seal using embossed stoppers
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • With functional integration, e.g. screws, ventilation elements
  • Best possible screening against electromagnetic radiation

Made of high-performance plastics

  • ElroSeal™ B/E/EM/SD shaft sealing rings and piston rings for fast-rotating shafts
  • ElroSeal™ G/EG shaft sealing rings for bearing protection
  • Venting elements for brush space
  • Dynamic sealing at extreme rotational speeds, can also be combined with reliable discharge for component protection

Expertise to support transformation: ElringKlinger supplies numerous components for electric drives (EDUs), including metal-elastomer and Metaloseal™ seals, as well as rotary shaft seals and housing covers.

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