The segments of the ElringKlinger Group are further divided into eight business divisions. The Original Equipment segment is subdivided into the following five divisions: Lightweighting/Elastomer Technology, Metal Forming & Assembly Technology, Metal Sealing Systems & Drivetrain Components, E-Mobility, and Exhaust Gas Purification. Each of the three remaining segments (Aftermarket, Engineered Plastics, and Other) also constitutes a separate division.

Lightweighting/Elastomer Technology

The portfolio of the Lightweighting/Elastomer Technology business unit encompasses thermoplastics for drivetrain, body, and underbody applications. Hybrid technology, i.e., the combination of different materials such as plastic and metal in one product and manufactured in a single tool sequence, also forms an integral part of operations in this business unit. A variety of manufacturing processes and numerous materials or material-specific innovations provide the basis for tailor-made solutions with high functional integration and/or weight savings. Due to the trend toward lightweight construction within the automotive industry, this business unit offers significant growth potential.

Metal Forming & Assembly Technology

The Metal Forming & Assembly Technology business unit develops and produces thermal, acoustic, and aerodynamic shielding systems. They handle a wide range of tasks relating to temperature and acoustic management in modern motor vehicles, in addition to contributing to an aerodynamic design of the vehicle underbody. For e-mobility applications, the systems may also include electromagnetic shielding functions. ElringKlinger offers customized shielding packages for the entire vehicle – from the engine to underbody and exhaust tract.

Metal Sealing Systems & Drivetrain Components

ElringKlinger created the new business unit Metal Sealing Systems & Drivetrain Components effective from October 1, 2020. Previously operating as independent business units, Cylinder-head Gaskets and Specialty Gaskets were transferred to this new unit. The product portfolio managed within this business unit includes a broad range of gaskets for various locations in the vehicle, including batteries and electric motors as well as transmission control plates and complex formed parts engineered from sheet metal. It also includes metallic cylinder-head gaskets as one of ElringKlinger's traditional fields of business.


The E-Mobility business unit offers the key technologies currently needed when it comes to drive system electrification: ElringKlinger can draw on many years of R&D expertise relating to battery and fuel cell technology and is already set up for series production. Intensive research and development activities and significant investments, e.g., in the construction of a technology center at the Dettingen/Erms site, have contributed to this in recent years. In 2020, ElringKlinger entered into several cooperation agreements in the field of fuel cell technology for the purpose of taking it to the next level, in addition to accelerating production and marketing. Furthermore, the E-Mobility portfolio includes complete electric drive units.  

Exhaust Gas Purification

Group activites within the Exhaust Gas Purification business unit are mainly restricted to the production of components on the basis of contract manufacturing.

Group sales by division in 2022

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